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Rink G

By far the best service and support I have ever received. Star is not only incredibly knowledgeable and professional, she is also very caring and knows how to treat patients with the utmost respect and care..She helps each individual to reach their health objective in the way that works best for's brilliant!!

Carla M

Just amazing! Working with Star did more for me in 3 months than I could do in past two years. She is intuitive and practical and I am so grateful for her help and compassion for my healing process. You can tell she really cares about her clients and is passionate about her work. It’s true, when you invest to improve your physical health its the foundation for a better life.

Hannah O

I went to Star when I was really struggling with anxiety and depression - to the point I was in a really bad place. I had been to countless doctors and had countless tests done however I was simply put on antidepressants which led to weight gain and further depression. I went to see Star and she helped me .. with other treatments which helped hugely before she did a number of tests ... following further advice from Star I finally have my life back and I cant quite believe it! Cant recommend seeing Star enough.

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