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Using your own body's intelligence to help you get better...

Testing Low Dorsal
Back Pain Treatment
Medical Mindset Coach Kinesiology


No. of sessions:
Consultation Required

Treatment time: 60 min

No Downtime.

Price: Please scroll to the bottom for the price list.

Finance Options Offered:
Flexible Repayment plans available

What is Kinesiology

Developed by a Chiropractor, Kinesiology means 'the study of movement'. The term is also used to describe a form of therapy that uses muscle monitoring (biofeedback) to look at what may be causing 'imbalances' in the body and attempts to relieve these imbalances.

Kinesiology is a hybrid modality as it encompasses everything or the best of both worlds with western medicine as well as an Eastern medicine approach. It combines chiropractics, muscles testing, nutrition, lymphatics, cranial sacral, energy work, mindset work, emotional imbalances, meridian flushing, food sensitivity including allergies and intolerances, phobias, fears, emotional stress and so much more...


This non-invasive approach effectively and safely ‘attacks’ a root/core problem(s) on all layers in a holistic perspective as we are dealing with the entire body which has multiple layers compared to other modalities which only address one layer.


Therefore, Kinesiology is able to achieve long term results and also able to directly identify a problem using your body as the method of communication to determine what it needs rather than making assumptions or learned patterns given like in western medicine as one size does not fit all with body constitutions and we need to have a modality to help customise for this which is what Kinesiology offers.

How long will my session last?

Traditionally a session is 1 hour depending on the need the client is coming for.

How many sessions do I need to treat my issue?

Depending on what the patient is coming to be treated for, some issues can be treated in 1 session and some issues may require multiple sessions. This is done on a case by case basis.

How often to get it done?

As this modality is quite universal and able to treat many things, you can come as often you have a need that is bothering you and needs treatment.

How to prepare for treatment?

Try ensure to be sufficiently hydrated before your session and bring a bottle of water with you.

Not to eat up to about 2 hours before treatment.


There are no contraindications for this treatment. We welcome all ages, genders and body types.

Can Children have this done?

Yes, children can attend sessions from the age where they can understand basic instructions and are accompanied by a guardian.

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