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The CMA is a not-for-profit organisation where a great part of their work consists of referring public and conventional medics alike to CMA registered practitioners so that they can be assured that treatment will be delivered by a highly qualified, insured practitioner who adheres to a strict Code of Ethics and disciplinary procedure known as the "CMA Referrals Scheme".

In addition, they are able to help members of the public who wish to train in the complementary medical field to access bonafide training courses.

They work closely with the conventional medical profession as they believe that the most important person after all, is the patient and by presenting the patient with good, accurate information about complementary medical approaches they can make responsible informed decisions about their own health care.  It is important to remember that both complementary and conventional medicine have a great deal to offer - when used appropriately, justifiably and responsibly.

Ultimately, the freedom to choose one's own health care is a vital human right which should be protected.

The Complementary Medical Association's (The CMA) primary aim is to promote ethical, responsible, professional complementary medicine to the public and the medical profession.

They believe that by promoting The CMA and it's Registered Members though the media they are able to help the public and doctors to realise that complementary and integrative medicine is - when delivered safely and ethically - a viable and highly desirable form of healthcare.

In addition, they are dedicated to representing "the professional face of complementary medicine" and by promoting research, education and knowledge in the field, we will help to stimulate demand for the medicine of the 21st century and beyond.

The CMA is great news for professional practitioners, ethical colleges and patients who demand and expect excellence in every aspect of treatment.


Complementary medical association


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